Mocasin – Exploiting the Use of Mathematics with Social & Economic Sciences in the Study of Cultural Dynamics


GOODWATER – Environmental Water Management: Water-Saving Mitigation of Legionella & Scale Care


WIN – Under-Participation of Women in Science-Related Endeavours: Sources & Instruments for Improvement


NEWS – News Engine Web Service


COLL-PLEXITY – Complexity-Based Management Systems


PREGENESYS – Post Genomics & Proteomics Approach to Develop, Test & Deploy New Placental Markers for Early Detection of Preeclampsia & IGUR


HotZyme – Developing high performing & functional thermostable hydrolases enzymes


BluePharmTrain – Using Marine Sponges as Source for the Development of New Pharmaceuticals

R&D Funding Opportunities – the case of Horizon 2020

By Zohar Ben-Asher In the last twenty years or so, R&D funding has become much more difficult to obtain. For once, governmental subsidies to universities and other research institutions have shrunk significantly, in a continuous manner. Also various philanthropist sources have become scarce. Industrial sources are by their very nature are narrower in scope and […]

Improving the Ranking of Academic Institutions in International Ranking Systems

By Zohar Ben-Asher In the last decade or so the international ranking of academic institutions has gained strength and it is now considered a highly important way to determine Institutional academic & scientific excellence. Indeed, it is now commonly accepted that the academic level of excellence is reflected in the position of the institution in […]