Internationally Funded Projects
Helping your organisation to get and to manage funding for your R&D projects

Project Preparation & Funding

To ensure that your project can actually compete for ample funding, the most suitable finding sources and calls’ topic must firstly be identified. This, however, should be supported also by successful proposals and, where needed, by best-suited partnerships. EuCRF is well equipped to help you achieving these.

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Work Packages & Proposal Sections

The Proposal must meet not only the formal requirements of the call and of the proposal template but not less importantly – the expectation of the funding authorities and the review process. Moreover, the proposal should not only reflect your excellence science but – again, more importantly – the impact your project will have on society at large, on the state of the art and on your own organisation and the entire consortium. To achieve these goals, the project needs to be built in meaningful and orderly work packages that together complete the project effort and showcase the project flow.  

We, in EuCRF have successfully prepared numerous funded projects and we shall help you to successfully prepare your proposal.

  • Project Management & Implementation: Preparing for effective implementation as required & expected.
  • Management of Innovation-Related Activities & IP
  • Socio Economic Impact & Implications
  • Dissemination, Exploitation & Commercialisation
  • Project Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Planning and Use of Resource

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Project Management & Implementation

Assisting in planning, co-ordination & implementation of the project in line with the funding authorities’ requirements.

  • Tailor-Made Project Management
  • Planning Budget & Use of Resources.
  • Accurate & Timely Reporting
  • Project Progress Monitoring & Quality Assurance
  • Decision-Making & Conflict Resolution
  • Our Role: What we do in projects.

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