Work Packages & Proposal Sections

The Proposal must meet not only the formal requirements of the call and of the proposal template but not less importantly – the expectation of the funding authorities and the review process. Moreover, the proposal should not only reflect your excellence science but – again, more importantly – the impact your project will have on society at large, on the state of the art and on your own organisation and the entire consortium. To achieve these goals, the project needs to be built in meaningful and orderly Work Packages that together complete the project effort and showcase the project flow.  

We, in EuCRF have successfully prepared numerous funded projects and we shall help you to successfully prepare your proposal. Apart from the thematic scientific sections and Work Packages, a special attention should be given to the following Work Packages and sections:

  • Project Management & Implementation.
  • Management of Innovation-Related Activities & IP
  • Socio Economic Impact & Implications
  • Dissemination, Exploitation & Commercialisation
  • Project Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Planning and Use of Resource
Work Packages & Proposal Sections

Project Management & Implementation: Preparing for effective implementation as required & expected.

To ensure the achievement of the proposal’s objectives and tasks it is necessary to show the reviewers & funding authority that the implementation of the proposed project is not just adequate, but also effective and economic. We shall prepare and write the entire section, covering all the necessary aspects of the project management, including decision making processes, conflict resolution procedures, on-going communication systems, structure and functions of the project management board, international advisory board, etc. Once the project runs, we can lead the Project Management Work Package or help in the implementing it.


Management of Innovation-Related Activities & IP

Setting required structures & procedures for the project innovation management.

The essence of R&D Projects is its innovation and the creation of new IP (or significant improvements thereof). The funding authorities would expect an ample presentation of how the proposed project plans to achieve these objectives. Here we bring to the fore our expertise in developing relevant management structures and procedures suitable to the innovation-related activities and IP management.

Socio Economic Impact & Implications

Public funding is based on taxpayers’ money and therefore, funded project should showcase their contribution to society both in terms of science and/or technology AND in socio-economic terms.

Also, we must show the funding authority that implementing the project would not only be just adequate, but that will prove effective and economic, carrying with it significant scientific and social impact. We shall prepare and write the entire section together with your scientists and technologist, ensuring that the impact is well conveyed in the proposal. During the project’s lifetime, we shall proactively contribute to resonating the impact.

Dissemination, Exploitation & Commercialisation

Publicly funded projects are expected to disseminate knowledge gained throughout the project and communicate their achievements and where relevant, to commercialise their outcomes. This needs to be done while refraining from divulging confidential assets and information or surrendering commercial secrets. Beneficiaries should also demonstrate ways and means of exploitation of the project results. These objectives should be addressed in the proposal and once a project is funded, they should be managed so as to maintain fine balance between the need to disseminate on the one hand and to guard confidential information on the other. EuCRF shall take the responsibility for the preparing of the sections addressing these in the proposal and participating and/or managing the dissemination, exploitation & communication of project results once a project is funded and implemented.


Project Monitoring & Evaluation

One of the most important aspects of successful implementation of R&D projects is the assurance of the seamlessness and harmonisation of the various segments of the project and its overall programme. If these goals are to be achieved successfully, the project must be monitored and evaluated perennially. EuCRF offers the most effective tools and processes that would enable the beneficiaries to exercise hand-on capability of assessing the progress of their project, including dynamic SWOT & CB (cost benefit) analyses, financial monitoring and project / partners performance evaluation.

Planning and Use of Resources

The resources committed to the project are not confined to the funding agency’s contribution alone. Partners bring into the project also their own resources – financial, otherwise tangible and also non-tangible resources. The manner in which such resources are planned and then actually used requires highly comprehensive project planning capabilities such as offered by us, based on our rich experience in internationally funded projects.