Revenue Increasing Programme

This segment of the work begins with a thorough analysis of the organisation’s current sources of income. Based on the results of this analysis, together with the organisational potentials analysis that have identified possible directions for additional revenue generating scientific activities, we shall set programmes to increase revenue through, e.g., instruction/teaching & related activities, coupled with enhancement of professional & research activities of the organisation and its members (e.g., executive degrees and/or higher degrees for both domestic & international students, setting collaborative degree & diploma programmes, e.g., with the industry, for identified audiences, etc.
Further, together with Management, we shall design new products and new schemes to better diversify services that can be offered to growing 

variety of potential “clientele” (e.g., laboratory services, renting out use-time of instruments which are not fully exploited by the organisation – e.g., electron microscopy; exploitation programme for technologies developed by the Organisation, etc.).
EuCRF will also help the organisation to develop marketable programmes based on the institutional professional capabilities for selling to external entities (e.g., governmental & parliamentary organisations, commissions & agencies, industrial organisations, etc.). At the same time, we shall help the organisation to build capacity and execute it in successful participation in internationally funded projects (e.g., Horizon Europe, NIH, DoD, Innovate UK, NATO for Peace, World Bank & UN enterprises, etc.) and, of course, in nationally or otherwise publicly funded projects.