Our Key People

Our Team members bring in rich and highly professional experience in various scientific and technological discipline and fields, as well as in the scientific methodology required to link excellent science to societal and economic impact and thus build successful internationally publicly funded projects and innovative R&D and otherwise corporate strategy. Together with our associates, we have been leading and participating partners in numerous R&D project and in helping organisations to enhance their academic, scientific and otherwise professional – and commercial – excellence.

Prof. Zohar Ben-Asher

Academic Director & Chief Scientific Methodologist
Prof. Zohar Ben-Asher is a renowned expert on innovative R&D strategy and the implementation of such a strategy in internationally funded, notably EU-funded R&D projects. Educated in Israel, the US and the UK, Zohar has held senior academic positions in the US, UK, China & Israel and also worked with academic, public and industrial/commercial entities, including start-ups and SMEs on their devising and implementation of their scientific, technological & corporate strategy.
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Prof. Jennifer Littlechild

Chief Scientific Officer & Principal, Biotechnology and Life Sciences
Prof. Jennifer Littlechild is a world-renowned biochemist/structural biologist and an expert on enzyme technology, industrial biotechnology and biocatalysis. Jenny has been the Director of the Exeter University Biocatalysis Centre and a lead EU consultant on biotechnology. Jenny has also held advisory position for numerous science-based organisations.

Eng.Nurit Kleinberger

Chief Technological Officer & Principal, Engineering & Industrial Operations
Eng.Nurit Kleinberger is a Chemical Engineer with vast experience in chemical processes, industrial operations, project management and process development, with extensive experience and expertise in Water and Sewage Treatment Industry. She has planned and managed the erection of numerous industrial water & sewage facilities as well as other industrial plants.

Haimo Gilbert

Chief Dissemination & Communication Officer & Principal, US & China Operations
Haimo Gilbert has graduated from London School of Economics with a specialty in demography and has then worked many years for the BBC as an expert on China and editor. She is a highly meticulous researcher and an expert in dissemination and communication and has led relevant work packages in numerous projects.