EuCRF Gender Equality Plan

EuCRF is committed to not only maintain balanced and equal gender distribution and inclusion but also to further enhance the strife to their implementation throughout EuCRF’s activities and engagements.

As a matter of policy and as an integral part of our strategic build-up, EuCRF seeks to mainstream balanced gender distribution and equality in scientific research by promoting the participation of women scientists in all activities in which we are involved, in full compliance with the guidelines stipulated in Women in Science, Excellence and Innovation – Gender Equality in Science, EUR 21784. Our work and corporate atmosphere are so constructed as to maximise the participation of women in both research, managerial and other activities. EuCRF pledges to ensure a good gender balance in terms of roles and responsibilities within the organisation and throughout its activities. EuCRF adheres fully to the EU directive referred to it, as well as to the Amsterdam Treaty of May 1999 and we are committed to the promotion of gender distribution that would, on the one hand, reflect social reality and on the other hand, actively enhance the participation of women in all scientific and economic activities undertaken by EuCRF. Thus, women are to be found amongst the key personnel of EuCRF, as well as in projects led by EuCRF or in which we participate. Moreover, due recognition of EuCRF and our membership, gender issues are taken into consideration in all corporate decisions.

Moreover, EuCRF is fully committed to gender perspectives in establishing policies and programmes and we shall always endeavour, as a matter of course, to identify specific and concrete actions to enhance the role of female researchers and other professionals. In addition to the principles and guidance laid down by the Amsterdam Treaty the management and all members of EuCRF are aware of and adhere to the EC “Roadmap for Equality between Women and Men”. Based on these, we are committed to address gender sensitive issues and to encourage the integration of female staff, scientists, engineers and other professionals into all of EuCRF’s activities and endeavours. We consider issues of equality in employment a priority and in line with this commitment, EuCRF is committed to offering equal opportunities to women and men and to avoiding discrimination of any sort. Finally, EuCRF undertakes to proactively pursue:

  • On-going discussion and reference to the issues of equal opportunities at work and balanced and equal gender distribution. It is EuCRF management’s standing instruction to ensure constant vigilance of gender sensitive issues.
  • Identification of roles and responsibilities with the technical and managerial activities that are ideally suited for the personal development of staff, in order to encourage female staff to participate in these roles and thus creating a vehicle for female members’ development and promotion.
  • Establishment, where possible, of mentoring activities between senior and junior female team members to further enhance staff development