EuCRF European Centre for Research & Financing is active in three principal areas:

  • Internationally funded projects
  • Research
  • Building & Implementing Scientific/Research Strategy for Academic & Research Organisations

Internationally funded projects

In the sphere of Internationally Funded Projects, we take pride in our intimate acquaintance with (and thorough knowledge of) international R&D supporting funds, as well as how to approach them successfully. EuCRF also offers our well-established experience and capability in management of R&D projects as well as in dissemination & commercialisation of projects’ results.

EuCRF helps the organisations we work with in both project preparation and project implementation. This includes identification of funding sources and calls; determination of the suitability of research topics; project planning & budgeting. We also help in grant writing methodology, creating successful proposals and building the best-suited partnerships.

During the lifetime of a project, we assist in co-ordination & implementation of the project, including financial & IPR management; dissemination; project monitoring & evaluation and reporting and other necessary tasks, normally as partners in the project.


EuCRF main areas of research lay mainly in socio-economic, management, educational, cultural and ethical sciences and other related fields.

As a research organisation, EuCRF offers its research capabilities & capacity of research & scientific methodology, performing top-level research and contributing to the scientific methodology.

EuCRF has in-house research expertise in Social & Human Sciences; Management, Organisation & Finance; Economics & International Trade; Legal Sciences; Behavioural Sciences; Educational Systems, planning & thought; Culture and Inter-Cultural Experiences; Philosophy & Ethics; Gender Issues; and Methodology & Research Skills. In addition, thanks to the particular background of our CTO who is a highly acclaimed expert in the field, we also offer support in the areas of Water & Waste Management and Process development.

Building & Implementing Scientific & Research Strategy for Academic & Research Organisations

EuCRF has developed and offers its propriety Programme of Strategy Building & Implementation for Academic & Research Organisations.

EuCRF helps in raising the international ranking & standing of the institutions we work with. We offer a well-wrought process that begins with performance analysis, allowing on-going examination of the overall performance of the organisation, its staff and its management. We then proceed to setting the organisational policies, devising action plans to ensure the achievement of academic, scientific & research excellence and enhancing the institutional capacity to attract research funds. Finally, EuCRF helps in constructing effective strategic plan and tailor-made implementation programme which we help the organisation to put to practice.

* * *

EuCRF has been involved in setting research & development strategies and policies aimed at the increase of external funding for academic and industrial organisations in the UK, Denmark, Israel, Slovenia and more. We have been involved in the preparation, research work and management of numerous Framework Programmes and other internationally funded projects, including NEWS, Coll-Plexity, PreGenesys, MoCaSin, HELM, HotZyme, TrainBioDiverse, BluePharmTrain and more.



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