EuCRF European Centre for Research & Financing is an Israeli-based all-European innovation enabler & strategy builder. Our mission is to instigate innovation in research, R&D and strategic planning & implementation and in project management. We concentrate on developing and executing internationally funded R&D projects and scientific & technological developmental strategies. In the last four decades, we have been working with universities, other research organisations including hospitals & public organisations, industrial and other corporate entities, including R&D performing SMEs & Start-Ups.

We work with both management and scientists and other professionals within the organisation on developing and implementing R&D internationally funded projects, so they meet not just the requirements but even more importantly, the expectations of the evaluation process in terms of socio-economic impact, open science, IPR protection, etc. We also work with such organisations in developing and implementing their innovative R&D strategy.

Dedicated to societal and citizenry service, we are committed to the building of a better, advanced and sustainable scientific & technological ecosystem that will help both public and private organisations – ranging from start-ups, through SMEs, large corporations, public institutions (e.g., hospitals, cultural organisations, cities, regional & national governments), universities and other research organisations to further excel their innovative R&D capabilities and capacity while, at the same time, enhancing their revenue streams and expanding their international collaborative networks & ranking and maintaining their overall societal nexus. To further enhance this goal, EuCRF offers an entirely free service (see the form) of assessing the fundability and success potential of your R&D ideas & planned projects.

This entirely free service enables interested parties to send us a brief synopsis of their ideas for projects or development of products or services so we can assess their potential to be publicly funded by such funding instruments as Horizon Europe or other like instruments. EuCRF is obliged to refrain from using or disclosing such ideas beyond the assessment process so as to strictly retain secrecy.

EuCRF was founded back in 1982 in London (UK) as a spinoff Company-for-the-Benefit-of-Society of the International School of Business Sciences (ISBS). Striving for scientific excellence and first-rate level of innovation, we have moved, in 2002, to Israel, where the scientific & technological – and particularly innovative – ecosystems proved the most advanced and attractive.

 EuCRF – enabling Science inspired Innovation, leading to technological development enhancing business and enriching society

This move has allowed EuCRF to remain part of the European innovative scientific & technological community since Israel has become part of the European Framework Programmes and later the Horizon Programmes. At the same time, it allowed us to exploit the Israeli special relationship with the American scientific & technological ecosystem and expand globally.

In our many years of operation, EuCRF and our teams have been involved and played crucial role in developing and implementing numerous innovative R&D projects, setting research & development strategies and devising funding policies aimed at the increase of external funding to academic and industrial organisations in the UK, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Slovenia, Israel, and more, as well as USA and China.

We have worked closely with numerous organisations & institutions, including universities, large industrial organisations, SMEs, start-ups and others, such as University of Copenhagen, Buckingham University, Sigma Aldrich, Novozymes, Unilever, Montana State University, MictoDish, S.N. Winogradsky Institute of Microbiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Italian Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche, Universitaet Duisburg-Essen, Glasgow University and many more.