Project Preparation & Funding

Funding Sources

Identification of the right source for R&D funding. We know intimately – and have worked with – many (if not most) of the international funding sources. This is a value added to our ability to help your organisation to identify the funding source that suits best your specific needs and plans and to prepare you precisely to the requirements and expectation of the chosen funding source. Here is a partial list of such funding sources with which we have been working.

Proposal Preparation

Preparing the right proposal so it meets not only the formal requirements of the call but also the expectation of the review process is essential to ensure successful application. This requires a thorough process, starting with the selection of the most suitable topics and going through careful planning of the project, highly professional proposal writing substantiated by methodological editing that would enhance the scientific excellence along with risk analysis and contingency plan and reference to ethical issues, gender issues and impact

Consortium Building for Specific Organisation Types

Successful proposals (and projects) also depend on the right partners that make the consortium which intends to perform the proposed project. Different projects and different organisations require different compositions of partners with specific consortium structure. Based on our extensive experience we are in a most suitable position to help you identify the right partners and approach them. This is particularly important since different types or organisations require different set-ups of consortia