1283Implementation of R&D projects requires partners to agree on mutually acceptable and mutually benefiting project structures and procedures. We have designed for numerous projects well-wrought conflict resolution arrangements, decision-making and communication procedures, contingency plans, reporting mechanisms and other components of successful and effective project management.

Monitoring & Evaluation –

Each project needs to be monitored so as to ensure that it refrains from deviation from its prescribed plan for which funding was awarded, along with on-going evaluation of the actual execution of the project objectives and tasks and the performance of the participants. We perform the duties necessary for ensuring that all the aspects of the project – scientific, administrative and financial – are indeed always in-line with the project plan as approved by the funding authority

 Budget Planning & Management –

The successful execution of all the aspects of the project depends on the toning of the numerous tasks of the project so they always remain within the prescribed budget. At the same time, budgetary flexibility might be needed – in fact, more often than not. Based on our well-proven expertise, we offer budget planning and management so the scientists can actually be free of budgetary concerns and can concentrate on the scientific work.


Reporting –

Every funding authority requires on-going reports that show that the funds allocated are used efficiently and according to the plan approved – and also the expectations that each funding authority normally has. In this sense, accurate reporting is crucial. We are highly experienced and well-versed in the different kinds of reporting requirements and formats of the various funding organs.


Our Role –

EuCRF European Centre for Research & Financing is participating in each project we are involved in its preparation as partners and/or co-ordinators. In all the projects we have participated in we have been contributing in leading capacity to WP Management, to WP Dissemination, exploitation & commercialisation, Socio-economic impact & implications and Project monitoring & Evaluation.


Past Projects –

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EuCRF European Centre for Research & Financing has interest and holdings in some highly interesting endeavours. Some of the projects in which we have been involved include:

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