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We are with you in your Horizon 2020 projects!

We are here with you all the way to help you to be much more effective and successful in your Horizon 2020 endeavours, relieving you of the bureaucratic burden associated with the project preparation. We thus allow you to concentrate just on your scientific aspects of the project and proposal!

Our commitment:

As a member in the EuCRF Horizon 2020 Membership Programme you will receive:

  1. On-going preferential relevant information regarding Horizon 2020, relevant thematic work programmes and calls within this programme and otherwise relevant information;
  2. Assistance in determining the suitability of topics we identify in said work programmes and/or their adaptability to our capabilities and capacity;
  3. When applying for a grant, whether addressing a topic within the thematic work programmes or through SME instrument where relevant, help in the preparation of the proposal, including:
  4. Instructions as to the necessary required contributions, particularly in the scientific, technological or otherwise professional areas relevant to the proposal, including the impact of the proposed project and such issues as risk assessment, etc.;
  5. Editing all such materials and contribution to the methodology therein, so as to ensure optimal suitability of the proposal to the requirements and expectations relevant to the review process;
  6. Writing of such sections as management, resource allocation, dissemination, socio-economic impact, etc.;
  7. Assistance in the construction of such consortia as maybe required for the proposed project;
  8. Active participation of EuCRF in the project, with responsibilities for project management (and if need be, also coordination), dissemination, exploitation & commercialisation, socio-economic impact & implications and project evaluation and other such related issues as might deem necessary;

Your undertakings, as a Member of the EuCRF Horizon 2020 Membership Programme will be:

  1. Abiding to such time-tables and deadline as shall be set in a work plan devised by and agreed with EuCRF for the preparation of the proposal;
  2. Acceptance of English as the working language of the entire procedure and the preparation of proposal;
  3. Acknowledgement that failing to meet such obligations and/or deadlines set in the work plan and time table can jeopardise or even prevent the submission of the proposal.

Membership Fees: € 8,500.00 for 12 months.

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