Chen Ziv

Principal, Principal, Digital Marketing, Product Design & Networking; Consultant on Entrepreneurial Investment

Chen has completed her education in Web Technologies & Sociology at Bar Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel, jointly with diploma studies in journalism. During her military service, Chen has managed the Israeli Air Force technology initiative ”Wisdom Tree” with special responsibilities for its development activities, product roadmap, approaches towards assimilation & budget management.

Chen has been involved in numerous entrepreneurial activities, leading early and later stage fundraising, including from Angels and VCs. She has also been active in Product Design & UX in various start-ups and other technological enterprises.

Apart from her activities in investment management and entrepreneurial networking, Chen is also a well-seasoned lecturer, often invited to speak in many business-related occasions on such topics as ”the ‘To Dos’ & ‘Not to Dos’ in B2B”, “B2C Products”, “Digital Marketing”, “Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategies”, “Investment in start-ups”, etc.

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