Areas of Research

EuCRF European Centre for Research & Financing is, first and foremost, a research organisation dedicated to furnishing our partner organisations, institutions, companies and researchers with a highly professional and unique research umbrella under which they can better achieve their R&D goals. We also engage in contractual research in areas within our expertise.

In working with our partners on the one hand and with funding programmes on the other, we can marry our scientific and methodological expertise to the subject-matter expertise of our associated organisations and companies so as to further increase the likelihood of success in our partners’ R&D projects and endeavours. We can thus facilitate unique intellectual, scientific and business collaboration between different disciplines and researches that otherwise would have never been brought together.

Apart from our in-house areas of research, our supported projects and research interests encompass a wide range of scientific and technological areas, including the following:

  • Health, Medicine and Medical Sciences and Technologies
  • Genetics, Genomics and Gene-related sciences
  • Information & Knowledge, Society and Media Technologies
  • Communications and advanced telephony
  • Information Sciences and “e” applications
  • Bio-informatics and scientific data management
  • Food, Agriculture, Fisheries & Bio-Technology
  • Nano-technologies
  • Advance Materials & Production Technologies
  • Environment and Environmental Sciences
  • Solar and other renewable energy
  • Water & Waste Management
  • Transportation and Space
  • Social Sciences, Management, Public Administration and Humanities

EuCRF offer its excellent in-house research capabilities also in the particular areas of Social Sciences, Human Sciences, Philosophy & Ethics, Legal Sciences Management, organisation & Finance, Economics & International Trade, Educational Systems, planning & thought, Behavioural Sciences, Methodology & research skills, Gender Issues & Culture and Inter-Cultural experiences.