Here are some of our Valuable Team Members

<strong>Prof. Zohar Ben-Asher</strong>
Prof. Zohar Ben-AsherAcademic Director & Chief Scientist
<strong>Eng. Nurit Kleinberger</strong>
Eng. Nurit KleinbergerChief Technological Officer; Expert on Water & Waste Management
<strong>Prof. Jennifer Littlechild</strong>
Prof. Jennifer LittlechildPrincipal, Biotechnology & Life Sciences
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As long as men are liable to die and are desirous to live, a physician will be made fun of, but he will be well paid Stockholm.
The first time I met Alex Rodriguez, he was in the fight of his life. He was the guy who was supposed to have everything – good looks, good health, good habits – all the talent in the world and most of the money Paris.

<strong>PhD (Cand) Eng. Eva Šimečková</strong>
PhD (Cand) Eng. Eva ŠimečkováPrincipal, Central European Operations, Expert on SMEs, Industrial Projects & International Project Management
<strong>Prof. Loreta Ulvydiene</strong>
Prof. Loreta UlvydienePrincipal, Lithuanian & Baltic Operations; Expert on Inter-Cultural Communications
<strong>Haimo Gilbert</strong>
Haimo GilbertPrincipal, US & China Operations; Expert on Dissemination
<strong>Dr. Carla Colageo</strong>
Dr. Carla ColageoPrincipal, Italian Operations;
Expert on European Projects